Unleashing Innovation in Digital Marketing, Branding and Insights Past Events

Unleashing Data Excellence, Innovations In Research, Insights & Marketing 2016

At the 5th edition of the Unleashing Data summit we bring together the leading experts in multiple industries and across multiple departments in order to discuss the ideas and innovations that are changing the way corporations understand and communicate with their customers. Through presentations, case studies, fireside chats, facilitated and non-facilitated networking our attendees experience thoughtful and meaningful exchanges of ideas and bring home actionable items. Our summits are truly global bringing together a wide range of executives from all over the world to discuss several key business areas including Big Data, Analytics, Insights, Strategy, Marketing, Branding and Digital.

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Unleashing Innovation In Branding Strategy 2018

The goal of this conference is to bring together cross-industry leaders to explain, identify and develop innovative practices necessary to implement and sustain a strong brand strategy. Sharing real-life examples and discussing latest trends and strategies from senior-level executive speakers this summit will provide practical ideas of how to create a winning brand strategy.

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