Unleashing Innovation in Digital Marketing, Branding and Insights Summary

The Goal Of This Event

The objective of this two-day summit is to bring together cross-industry leaders to discuss key trends and innovative approaches to developments and challenges facing high level decision makers and their industry.

Points of Discussion

  • Nano influencers : Bigger and better
  • Artificial intelligence : a brands best friend
  • Consumer engagement
  • Brand transparency & a human touch
  • Product inception and branding
  • Employing disruptive innovation, Creating a new market and value network and eventually

      disrupts an existing market and value network.

  • Structured branding: Successful inception, planning, execution and presence of products for

      established companies and start-ups.

  • Changing the “scale” of customer participation. Moving away from big influencers to micro

      influencers to gain greater presence in the market place.

  • Achieving commercial excellence via: Transforming local SFE towards Commercial Excellence,

      coordinating functionally the local structure Consolidating SFE foundations.

  • Rebranding: Creating a new corporate identity.
  • The rise of better analytical tools to help marketers gauge success in terms of emotional and

      cultural relevance.


Each conference is designed based on extensive background research performed over a four-month period (per event) in conjunction with qualitative research conducted with past, present and future delegates, speakers and sponsors. This collective research helps us develop a framework for the themes of our summits. Our speakers must provide a case study and the results of initiatives, so that practical and adaptable knowledge can be inferred. The result is a robust, strongly educational, adaptable, skill building summit that leaves all attendees with a treasure chest of new knowledge, pathways, motivation and skills that they can deploy in their specific industry. As our summit develops and cross-industry trends adapt, topics will be added and expanded upon leading up to the event. So, keep an eye on this section as it will grow and adapt leading up to the final summit!

Who Will You Meet


Cross Industry Leading Speakers


Senior Level Attendees


Corporate : Companies
Solution Providers

Why a Summit and Why Now?

The last decade has seen an explosion of innovative ideas and practices in digital marketing and branding. At the forefront of these developments has been a greater push and appreciation for the power of A.I. to create better consumer satisfaction and engagement. Call centers have given way to bots and consumer identities are digitalized and used to stay at the forefront of their needs and wants. However, as we begin our journey into 2019, we see that things are changing yet again. The future of marketing and branding is now taking on a very human, very physical aspect. Demands by consumers for transparency, customer engagement with companies and humanity are now emerging as leading concepts in 2019. Now, digital branding and marketing initiatives must find a way to combine pre-existing channels with the emergence of human creativity and experience. GEE summits are an opportunity to gain crucial knowledge on recent developments, case studies, methodologies, deployment tools, and ways they can be adapted to suit the unique profile of your company. At our summits you will gain knowledge on best practices through invaluable peer to peer interaction with senior executives from all over the world. Global Executive Events is determined to provide top quality networking opportunities that boost your business performance. It’s among our objectives to help you spearhead change and forward-thinking while transforming expertise, technology, and innovation. This is an invitation to benefit from cross-sector learning, concentrated industry knowledge and build new relationships. Propel yourself and your company to new heights and register for our summits.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE!

  • Cross-industry learning – find out how innovative new projects adopted by other sectors could

     add value to your business

  • Save time and money – concentrated industry insights and knowledge across two intensive days
  • Case studies – practical information on what works and what doesn’t, outlining the challenges

     and lessons learned for current and planned projects

  • Networking and interactive – build new relationships and engage with other executives in our

     workshops, unconference sessions and networking lunches

  • Collaborate – specialists and innovators generating brilliant ideas and innovative solutions

How Will You Benefit


Like Minded Strategy leaders for Networking


Hear About Groundbreaking Approaches to Innovation

Case Studies

Get the Pro & Cons of New & Existing Projects

Opportunities For Networking

Meet up to 100 like-minded cross-industry senior executives over two days of intensive talks, workshops, and learning whilst taking advantage of the chance to do some strategic networking. Be a part of the creative process by engaging in idea generation and problem-solving opportunities. You will have ample time to share your own knowledge with others, as well as gaining new insights from your peers during our networking sessions. All our attendees will leave our summit with unique viewpoints from others who have been through similar situations in an intimate round table setting.